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What if our child does not want to come?


Remember, you are the parents. 

God gave us responsibility to do what is best for our children. Sometimes these decisions are hard and follow-through is even harder. Our children may not want to leave their friends or are simply afraid of something new.  


What can help them make the transition?

1. Have them come visit. After seeing KCA is a safe place and seeing faces of their peers, they will be more comfortable with your decision.

2. Reassure them that change can be hard, but life is full of these challenges. Coming to KCA is a safe way to practice adjusting to life's challenges.

3. Let them know that you trust the staff and have determined that this is the best decision for them.

4. Although we'd always like full buy-in from our kids, there are times they need to respect our decision-making abilities and responsibilities as their parents. 

5. Know that the Lord will honor any decision that involves glorifying Him.







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