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Admissions Policies


Students seeking admission are evaluated on the basis of their report cards, references, admission screening and interviews, and potential to perform satisfactorily at Keystone Christian Academy. Students who seek admission directly following suspension, expulsion, or behavior problems from another school may not be accepted. Keystone Christian Academy is not currently equipped with the resources to serve children who are seeking to be admitted into special educational programs. In most cases, decisions regarding admission of families to Keystone Christian Academy will be based on the date the application and fee are received in the admissions office. Current students and their siblings have priority over prospective students on the waiting list. A student can be denied admission based on academic or behavioral issues or lack of parental partnership with the school. The student needs to understand that the parent/guardian will support the authority of the school. Therefore, he/she is under the instruction and discipline of the teachers, principal, and/or any other person in authority over them in their prescribed roles at Keystone Christian Academy.



Requirements for Pre4

  • Applicant must be 4 by October 1

  • Parent/guardian must interview with a designated administrator.


Requirements for Kindergarten

  • Kindergarten applicant must be five by October 1.

  • Kindergarten applicant must have a satisfactory score on the school entrance screening.

  • Applicant must have a satisfactory conduct record if enrolled in a preschool or daycare.

  • Parent/guardian must interview with a designated administrator.

Requirements for Grades 1-12

  • First grade applicant must be six by October 1.

  • Applicant must have an approved grade and conduct record.

  • Applicant must provide a report card and achievement test results for the current year and the previous year.

  • Applicant for grades one through four must have a parent/guardian interview with a designated administrator.

  • Applicant for grades five through twelve must have a student and a parent/guardian interview with a designated administrator.


Returning students:
Yearly enrollment is continuous unless notified otherwise by the family or the school determines the following criteria have not been met:

  • Student has demonstrated satisfactory academic work and behavior.

  • Parents have respected and supported the school's doctrinal statement and policies.

  • Tuition payments and fees are current.

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