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High School

  • Classes include a combination of in-person, teacher directed lessons and independent, teacher supervised online courses through the Edgenuity Ignitia program.

  • Students take all of their classes in the building, even the ones completed online.

Graduation Requirements

For graduation, Keystone Christian Academy requires students to complete the following (at a minimum):

  • 4 credits in English

  • 4 credits in Math (including Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II)

  • 3 credits in History/Geography

  • 3 credits in Science (including Biology, Chemistry, and Physics)

  • 4 credits in Bible (This requirement will be waived for transfer students)

  • 2 credits in a World Language

  • 1 credit in Fine Arts

  • 1 credit in Physical Education

  • 0.5 credits in Health

  • 1.5 credits in Elective Courses

  • 24 total credits require for graduation

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