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Heart Training

Heart change will bring about a life change.

Heart change is the goal of all discipline. Ultimately, we want students to obey God, and from that obedience will flow respect, care and love toward others.

The student is more important than rules. When rules are broken, the focus is on loving the student and transforming the heart.

Students will be encouraged to be like Christ through discipline that is

  • Reasonable

  • Related

  • Respectful and

  • Redemptive.


Two fundamental truths are:

  • Only God can know the heart

  • Only God can change the heart.


Obedience should always be:

  • Immediate

  • Complete

  • Without Complaint

  • Without Challenge


Some additional principles are:

  • Rules without relationship lead to rebellion.

  • Shaming a child when they sin pushes them to hide the sin rather than deal with it.

  • Discipline must be self-less, not personal.

  • The behavior must always be addressed as well as the deeper motivations (heart) behind it.



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