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Reasonable Tuition for High Quality


Keystone Christian Academy makes high quality Christian education affordable. 

To keep operating costs low, dedicated staff and administrators work for modest salaries with few benefits and no pensions. KCA is hosted by Asbury United Methodist Church at a reduced rent and utilizes in-kind donations when possible. 


Even with these cost-saving measures, the cost to educate each student at KCA is more than $10,000; however the 2022-2023 tuition rate for a full five-day program is only $6,525. Fundraising efforts help "bridge the gap" between the full cost of education and tuition income.

2022-2023 Tuition & Fee Schedule

Application Fee - $100, non-refundable

Enrollment Fee - $100, non-refundable paid at time of acceptance into school

PreK-12 Yearly Tuition

  • Five Full Days  - $6,525  


To fill the cost gap KCA seeks out grants, financial partnerships with individuals, business partnerships through the Pennsylvania tax credit programs. 

We strongly encourage families to be active participants in our fundraising events and efforts, not just to raise funds, but to build our community, and create a culture of generosity.


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