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Educational Philosophy

Keystone Christian Academy believes that parents need to have the option of a safe, loving environment where their children learn according to their unique abilities and gifts.


Curriculum is teacher-driven, not test score-driven.

Each teacher is given a checklist of developmentally-appropriate student outcomes for language arts and math, which details what students are expected to master by the end of the school year. In Bible, science, and social studies, teachers are given a scope and sequence explaining the topics that are to be covered at each grade level. Educational materials, including both Christian based and secular resources, are chosen to best meet the individual needs of students and allow for maximum flexibility and creativity in our teachers.  All materials are taught from a biblical worldview.


All teaching methods at Keystone Christian Academy reflect the cognitive learning perspectives of the  Bloom’s Taxonomy educational model. Students grow in their early learning capabilities from simple remembering (rote recall) to a mature level of creative development.

Entrance Assessment

An entrance assessment may be given to a child who enrolls at Keystone Christian Academy – York.  The entrance testing, when given, is used to evaluate a student's baseline educational level and gives the teacher additional information about the student's strengths and needs.


Evaluation Process and Measure of Success

Each year, students in grades three, five, and eight are assessed using the California Achievement Test.  This standardized achievement test measures vocabulary, reading comprehension, math concepts, and math computation. It provides nationally normed grade equivalents, percentile ranks, and standard scores for each student. 

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