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The Truth Versus What People Want to Hear

When my brother worked on the research staff of a state representative in the PA legislature, he told me that he often had to answer two distinct questions: One was, “What are the verifiable facts?” The other was, ‘What do the majority of voters believe?”

Far too often, policy decisions were made on the basis of popular opinions based on incomplete or erroneous perceptions of complex situations. Rather than taking leadership to educate the public, the path of least resistance was to give the majority what they believed to be beneficial instead of taking truly helpful measures.

When it comes to education, people make certain assumptions and like to hear certain buzz words associated with quality. In promoting a school, the temptation is to cater to popular opinion and use the latest catch phrases. The hard choice is to challenge assumptions about educational quality and academic achievement.

As a Christian school, Keystone Christian Academy often must decide between doing what is popular and doing what is right. In trying to gain students and financial support, it is tempting to simply conform to prevailing views that so many people accept without question. However, KCA has chosen to take a stand on several issues in education and religion that buck the trends.

This willingness to be courageous translates into how children are taught and what they are taught. Instead of producing “go along to get along” Christians, KCA challenges students to think for themselves and to stand up for what they believe is right. This is precisely what Keystone Christian Academy offers.

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