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Preparing Goers, Senders, and Givers

It is hard for me to believe, but my daughter is going to be a senior in high school this coming year. That means many of our current conversations are about what the next part of her journey after graduation will look like. We are researching colleges and praying diligently seeking God’s direction for her life. For as long as I can remember, she has had a heart for missions, so part of our exploration of post-graduation possibilities included attending a demo event put on by a local missions agency. It was at this event that I was introduced to the concept that all believers play a part in missions. Some go, some send, and some give.

I started thinking recently about how this connects to Christian education. As an administrator, I see Christian schools as places that prepare to send the next generation. We rely heavily on those who are financially able and willing to give to support that sending preparation. But, what are we sending these students out to do? As I pondered that question, it hit me that we are preparing and sending out the next generation of givers, senders, and goers.

In today’s world, kids are bombarded with a secular worldview that encourages them to live only for themselves. Giving them access to a Christian education opens up the opportunity to combat that secular worldview with a biblical worldview that is reinforced daily in their lives as they interact with and learn from staff committed to living lives dedicated to serving Christ. That biblical worldview encourages students to live for eternal purposes which include playing a part in missions. Some will grow up to go onto the mission field, some will become people who send others, and some will enter job fields that allow them to give generously so that the mission field is fully funded. It honestly overwhelms me to think that God has allowed Christian schools to partner with families to be a part of this process.

Unfortunately, many students are prevented from accessing Christian education because it is not affordable. Sometimes, I enjoy dreaming big. Wouldn’t it be amazing to have fully funded Christian schools that did not have to charge tuition, allowing all families and students the option of being a part of a school that focuses on developing an eternal perspective focused on raising up goers, senders, and givers? I truly believe that if Christians all across our nation banded together, we could make this dream a reality. Families could partner with schools that support and encourage their children to follow their faith, committing their lives to Christ and His purposes in our world without worrying about how to finance that choice. Only then will Christian schools truly be an alternative to the public education system. And, if they are fully funded, those schools can focus all of their energy on raising up goers, senders, and givers who will continue the mission Christ entrusted to us of reaching all peoples for Him.

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