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No Longer Invisible

I love learning about the names of God. One of my favorite names of God is El Roi which means “the God who sees me”.

The only time God is called El Roi is by a slave girl named Hagar who became pregnant by her master Abraham and then was sent away by Abraham’s wife Sarah. Hagar found herself pregnant and alone in the wilderness when God comes to her. The slave girl who felt forgotten and invisible was seen, known, and loved by God. This encounter led her to call God by a new name, El Roi -- the God who sees me.

Many students who come to KCA from larger school settings know what it is like to feel forgotten and invisible. Unfortunately, in the large settings from which they have come, has allowed their God-given gifts and talents to be missed.

One of the strengths of a small school is that students are not able to stay invisible. with class sizes of no more than twelve students, teachers are able to identify and meet individual needs while also discovering gifts and talents that remained hidden in other settings. It is such a joy to watch children who have been lost in large settings begin to blossom into the masterpiece God created them to be as they discover that not only are they seen and loved by their teachers, but also by El Roi. This is a joy that we experience every year at KCA.

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