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Heart Training

Updated: Nov 5, 2018

As an alternative to using punishments and rewards to modify outward behavior, “Heart Training” is a restorative discipline approach developed by KCA leaders to address deeper issues underlying behavior. “Heart Training” requires students to “search their hearts” through reflection, Scripture reading and prayer.

“Christian schools are called to look deeper because God looks deeper,” says Jessica Potter, a co-founder of Keystone Christian Academy. “God looks at the heart, not just outward behaviors.”

“Behavior modification does not develop men and women of integrity,” says Potter. “It only teaches children to behave when there is something in it for them.”

According to Potter, the focus on external appearances can create what the Bible calls “whitewashed tombs”. These are people that look good on the outside, but are rotten on the inside. They have been rewarded to change outward behavior, but not their hearts. They may do what is right to avoid punishment, but cannot do what is right when doing the right thing is uncomfortable or painful.

The true test of character is to do what is right, regardless of the circumstances. This is precisely what Keystone Christian Academy offers.

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