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A Stab in the Back

After her kindergarten child was stabbed in the back with a pencil at a local city school, his desperate mother came to inquire whether she could enroll him in KCA. She heard that a co-worker's child received a scholarship to attend KCA. Were there any funds available to help him?

At the moment there were none, but perhaps some anticipated scholarship gifts would be sent to the school over the holidays. However, when Pat Eger, the Head of School, checked the mail on January 3, only a few small undesignated gifts were in the mailbox. Where would the money come from?

I decided to check whether any gifts had been made online. Indeed, one had! Someone had donated a full scholarship of $5,000 to help a needy child -- someone who was never even asked to do so.

In following up on the generous and timely donation, Mrs. Eger discovered that the donors were members of the Asbury congregation who had no children of their own and wanted to help a child. They were aware of the school using their church facilities and decided that the school would know a child in the community who most needed help. They were certainly right!

Some people are consumed with a desire for high test scores or "academic rigor", but what some children need most is a place where they will not be stabbed in the back, literally or figuratively. They need a safe, nurturing environment. KCA is such a place.

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