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Thanks to caring, concerned people like you, Keystone Christian Academy is making an impact on the children in our community. On their behalf, thank you for providing a school in which they can thrive and be inspired.


Let me tell you about Mariah.


Mariah was referred to KCA by Ray Ames, executive director of Young Thinkers of York, who knew her through his robotics program. Mr. Ames felt that Mariah was not academically challenged enough in her current school setting, so he encouraged her mother, a hardworking single mom, to apply for admission to KCA in hopes of getting a need-based scholarship for an education tailored to her abilities.


Fortunately, a member of the Asbury UMC congregation had recently donated $5,000 to provide a scholarship to a child in the community who could benefit from a KCA education. Mariah’s mother is grateful that Mariah will be able to receive a personalized education AND have additional Christian role models teaching her about Jesus.


Your support makes stories like Mariah’s possible. Many other children need our help, but we don’t have the resources to do so. We need your help to make it happen.

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