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This is what Maddie's mother said:

“We were amazed by KCA. There was such an overwhelming sense of peace, and God’s presence is abundant in every aspect of the school. My husband and I have been trying to get Maddi help ever since she was three years old – a long, trying emotional journey. What struck me was KCA’s attitude that all these children are God’s children, no matter their abilities, disabilities or struggles; they are all made by God’s hands and deserve to be loved and nurtured every day. . . I also wanted to say what an amazing teacher Mrs. Harrison is. We were so amazed by her patience and kindness.”


It takes partners like you to make it possible for Maddi and others like her to experience a school that fits, a school where a child’s emotional and spiritual well-being – and God’s plan for their lives – come before test scores and “academic rigor” that frustrate, label and intimidate those who do not measure up to rigid standards of worldly success.

Thank you for caring about children like Maddi. May you find joy and satisfaction in providing this kind of education to vulnerable, impressionable young children!

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